I live it the Sonoran Desert in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Being a desert, Phoenix has lots of Cacti. My favorite pastime is Bicycle riding, thus my nom de plume is “CactusRider“. And appropriately many of the pictures of my bikes have cacti as backgrounds.

For companionship, I have a beagle sized dog named Sassy. Sassy came from a shelter who referred to her as a “Basenji Mix”. Unfortunately, Sassy is afraid of my bikes, so she doesn’t join me on my rides. But she is always happy to see me when I get home. She is pretty laid back now, but when I got her 4 years ago she was pretty feisty – Thus the name Sassy.

My dog “Sassy”

My favorite pass time is bicycling, and taking long trips in particular. I love the peacefulness I feel being away from the chaos and noise of the city, and where the sky is large and there is room to see.

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